Before & Afters with Katavi

Rejuvenate the appearance of environmentally stressed skin

Katavi’s all-natural anti-aging skin care range targets premature aging as a result of exposure to environmental elements. On a daily basis our skin is faced with oxidative stress caused by ultraviolet rays from the sun, dry air, cold winds, pollution and toxins.

As we age, the epidermis thins out, moisture is lost, and skin becomes drier. Environmental exposure gradually breaks down the fibrous network of our skin composed of proteins, elastin, and collagen, resulting in thinner skin as we age. These signs of environmental damage and photo-aging can be seen as early as our teens.

Signs of premature aging include:

  • fine lines
  • puffiness
  • wrinkles
  • crow’s feet or dark circles around eyes
  • age spots
  • deepened wrinkles
  • sagging and crepey skin with uneven pigmentation
  • dry, leathery and dull-looking skin that has lost its youthful glow

Below are compelling results our customers have seen after just 60 days of using Katavi products.

Eye Cream +
Intensive Night Cream

Deep wrinkles and crow’s feet appear smoothed and less deep. Skin firmed to remove look of dry, fine lines.

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Intensive Night Cream

Forehead wrinkles and fine lines appear hydrated and smoothed. Heavy bags under eyes are visibly firmed and reduced.

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Eye Cream

Bags under eyes appear reduced. Deep wrinkles under eyes are visibly more shallow.

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Kigelia Booster Serum +
Eye Cream +
Intensive Night Cream

Fine lines under eyes appear diminished and hydrated. Frown lines on forehead appear softened.

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