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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you suggest for Pigmentation?

RenewS Vit-C10 is a new flagship product for Pigmentation

What do you suggest for Oily Skin?

Recommended starting point:
Kigelia Booster Serum

For Deep Pore Cleansing:
DermActive Toner
Hluba Enzymatic Peel
Revitalise Enzymatic Scrub

What do you suggest for Irritated Skin/Breakouts?

Kigelia Booster Serum
Cleansing Wash
DermActive Toner
Hluba Enzymatic Peel
Revitalise Enzymatic Scrub

For dryness add a day or night cream

I don't usually use toner, do I need it?

We never considered toner an essential before as they were traditionally used to balance the pH of skin, and remove excess grease. Katavi products are already pH balanced and our cleanser does a great job at gently removing traces of daily grime – so this rendered a traditional toner unnecessary in a Katavi Skincare Routine. However, our DermActive Toner behaves differently. It assists with uneven skin tone, and is great for those suffering with slightly enlarged pores. It contains natural AHAs which encourage the gentle exfoliation of the dead layers of skin. We also recommend it for anyone wanting an overall brightening of their skin’s appearance.

How long does shipping take?

Main centres with couriers generally take 24-48 hours from dispatch.

What do you suggest for Brightening?

RewindS Bakuchiol
DermActive Toner
Hluba Enzymatic Peel

What do you suggest for Blackheads?

1/2 TSP of Enzymatic Peel mixed with Toner to form a paste. Add as a facemask by working on in small circles for 20 minutes. Rinse off.

DermActive Toner
Hluba Enzymatic Peel
Revitalise Enzymatic Scrub


Do you sell an overnight mask?

Mixing a pinch of our Enzymatic Peel with your night cream makes an amazing overnight mask. An option for a tightening mask is to mix a pinch of peel with our booster serum as an overnight mask.

Intensive Night Repair
Kigelia Booster Serum
Hluba Enzymatic Peel

How long do your products last?

2 months on average with some customers reporting as long as 3 months

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